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Pet Care and Healing Services

I offer a var‚Äčiety of services to bring healing and harmony to animals and their humans families. 

My speciality is cat care and behaviour but I also offer Reiki and animal communication for all other species.

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This gentle Japanese healing system can improve overall well-being and relieve the symptoms of many illnesses and ailments. Animals seem to love the relaxing energy of Reiki and can greatly benefit from receiving it.

Animals communicate on many levels and when we can pick up on the most subtle of these, it is an amazing experience. I offer Animal Communication to give a greater insight into what animals are thinking and feeling.

When our feline companions are experiencing behaviour problems, it can be a stressful time for everyone. Please click on the icon above to find out how I can help to resolve cat behaviour problems.

Cats like the comfort and security of their own home. I offer cat sitting services in Swadlincote, Ashby and Burton to give peace of mind to cat owners whilst they are away.

I have written three books covering topics such as Reiki, intuition, animal communication and behaviour. They are available on Amazon in most countries. I hope you enjoy reading them!