Pet Care and Healing Services

I offer a var‚Äčiety of services to bring healing and harmony to animals and their humans families.

My services are available within five miles of Swadlincote, South Derbyshire. Reiki and animal communication can also be offered over a distance to anywhere in the world.

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This gentle Japanese healing system can improve overall well-being and relieve the symptoms of many illnesses and ailments. Reiki can be offered in-person or over a distance to anywhere in the world via intention.

Animal communication takes place on many levels and when we can pick up on this, it is an amazing experience. It can be offered to animals who are living or in spirit by using a photograph to form an energetic connection.

When our feline family members are experiencing behaviour problems, it can be stressful for everyone. I only ever use kind, force-free methods to help resolve cat behaviour problems and restore some harmony.

Cats prefer the comfort and security of their own home. I offer friendly and reliable cat sitting services in Swadlincote, Ashby and Burton to give peace of mind to cat owners whilst they are away.

I have written three books covering topics such as Reiki, intuition, animal communication and behaviour. They are available on Amazon in most countries. I hope you enjoy reading them!