Books by Sally Chamberlain

I have written three books about my passions in life - intuition and animals! 

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Power Of The Purr

‘Power Of The Purr’ is a humorous and heart-warming take on the relationship between cats and their people, which also has a serious message about how we can resolve feline behaviour problems in a kind and force-free way.

Written in a friendly, funny and informative way that is infused with my passion for cats, ‘Power Of The Purr’ examines the curious phenomena of ‘cat people’ and how far we will go to please our feisty felines.

I also share my own stories and photographs of the gorgeous cats with whom I have shared my life so far.

As an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master Teacher and ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist and IAABC Associate Certified Cat Behaviour Consultant, I have learned a great deal about cats and other animals over the years and in this book I offer insight into how cat guardians can ensure that their feline companions have everything they need to live a long and happy life.

'Power Of The Purr' is a book to nourish the souls of cat lovers - a real treat for those who love all things feline! Cats are deeply spiritual animals with a strong intuitive sense, which makes them all the more alluring and mysterious.

It is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version in most countries around the world. Please click on the book cover to find out more.

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Weird Is Wonderful

'Weird Is Wonderful' is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version in most countries around the world.

'Weird Is Wonderful' is an uplifting exploration of my life as an Empath and Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Person that delves into intuitive development, spiritual awareness, the paranormal, emotions, animal communication, Reiki and a whole lot more.

I share my story and experiences so that readers can better understand their own and also offer support and guidance to those wishing to develop their intuition and learn more about their abilities.

I wrote 'Weird Is Wonderful' to encourage others to be their true self and reassure them that intuitive and psychic powers are perfectly 'normal', even though they are often branded as 'weird'. If that is the case, then weird really is wonderful because there are so many fascinating topics and abilities to explore!

I hope that by telling my own story and sharing my experiences, it will encourage others on a similar path to flourish and grow.

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Being Kind To Dogs

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ is a heart-warming and enlightening book promoting kindness to dogs in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to training and behaviour modification. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle version around the world.

In ‘Being Kind To Dogs’, I tell ‘tails’ about my canine friends and how becoming a dog walker inspired me to learn about canine behaviour to help others understand that we do not have to use punishments or harsh methods in dog training.

Kindness should always be paramount. Love and trust are built on kindness and once firm foundations are established, a beautiful relationship can flourish.

Encouraging our dogs to listen to us begins with earning their trust to form a strong bond. Amazing things can be achieved when we learn how to communicate with our dogs in a loving and humane way that they understand.

By combining science, intuition and common sense, we can work with our dogs to resolve their behavioural issues and help them to understand how we would like them to behave in our human world.

As an Animal Communicator, ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist, IAABC Associate Certified Cat Behaviour Consultant and Reiki Master Teacher, I have discovered that it is the animals who are the best teachers of all. They are honest, compassionate and have an amazing sense of humour!

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ provides insight into how using only kind, force-free methods in dog training and behaviour modification is the most beneficial way to achieve long-term success and well-balanced, happy canine companion.

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