Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Education & Training in animal behaviour

Sally offers online canine and feline behaviour education and training to individuals and businesses in the animal care and behaviour sector throughout the world. She can provide information in most of the formats a client would require, such as webinars, talks, 1-2-1 training, presentations and Q&A sessions, as a one-off or series. Sally provides this flexible, tailored service to a wide audience, including:

  • Animal behaviour professionals and students
  • Pet sitters - solo and larger companies 
  • Pet shop owners and their staff
  • Catteries and kennels
  • Anyone else in the animal care and behaviour industry

Prices vary according to the requirements of each client and Sally's services are not available in the USA and Canada. Please contact Sally to find out how she can help.


Learn more about feline behaviour...

'Power of the Purr'

To accompnay her work, Sally has written a cat behaviour book containing a wealth of information. 'Power of the Purr' covers everything cat lovers need to know about their feline companions in terms of their behaviour and keeping them happy.

She explains how to resolve some of the most common cat behaviour problems using kind, force-free methods and the theories behind these.

'Power of the Purr' is educational but also humorous and entertaining. Sally includes stories and photos of the cats she has been owned by over the years, including her current beloved feline, Monty, who is also the cover model.

Her book is available on Amazon in most countries so please click on the book cover to take a look and leave a review if you enjoy it.