Sally Chamberlain

Dog Behaviour Problems

Sally is a qualified and insured Animal Behaviourist with a passion for force-free training, which involves using only kind, science-based methods without any punishments, harsh methods or dominance theory. 

She uses her knowledge of canine behaviour to support her work in resolving issues between cats and dogs living in the same household. She can also help with other dog behaviour issues upon request.

Sally has worked hard for many years to learn about canine behaviour and keeps her knowledge updated.

Please contact Sally to find out more or see her cat behaviour page. Her animal behaviour services are available within 20 miles of Swadlincote or remotely.

She has also written the book featured below to share her knowledge of dog behaviour with the world.

"It's much better to have a dog who listens to you because they trust you rather than because they are afraid of the consequences if they do not."

Sally Chamberlain

'Being Kind To Dogs'

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ is a heart-warming book promoting force-free training and kindness to dogs in all aspects of life.

Encouraging dogs to listen to us begins with earning their trust and never using punishment or harsh methods. Wonderful things can be achieved when we learn how to communicate kindly and effectively.

By combining science, intuition and common sense, we can work with our dogs to resolve their behavioural issues and help them to understand how we would like them to behave in our human world.

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ provides insight into how using force-free methods is the most beneficial way to achieve long-term success and well-balanced, happy canine companion.

Please click on the cover photo to explore my book. Sally has also written 'Power Of The Purr' and 'Weird Is Wonderful', which are available on Amazon. Please leave a good review if you enjoy them. Thanks!