by Sally Chamberlain

Dog Behaviour Consultations

Welcome to my dog behaviour page. Along with my knowledge of cats, I am also qualified and experienced in dog behaviour. I have many canine friends and always enjoy learning more about the fascinating world of dog training and behaviour, especially when it comes to ensuring that only kind, force-free methods are used. 

Dogs are very much part of family life and when their behaviour becomes a problem, it can be difficult to manage and cause a great deal of stress, which is why I offer remote dog behaviour consultations to clients anywhere in the UK and also in-person within 25 miles of Swadincote, Derbyshire, COVID-19 rules permitting.

If you are concerned about your dog's behaviour, please get in touch. My initial assessment is free and I always endeavour to make life easier for companion animals and their families with lots of guidance and support.

Dog behaviour problems come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the most common ones involve anxiety, aggression, destructive behaviour, house soiling, nervousness, fear, reactivity and boisterous behaviour, to mention but a few. Whatever kind of behaviour is worrying you, please get in touch. I can help in most cases or refer you to another force-free canine professional who specialises in that particular problem.

A veterinary check-up or referral may be required prior to a consultation and my fees are covered by some pet insurers for cases referred by a vet. Please enquire with your pet insurance company about this. Details of my credentials can be found on my About page. Please see below for my dog behaviour consultation options.

Free Initial Assessment

Initial assessment is free. Once you have contacted me, we discuss the behaviour problem and I send you a questionnaire to enable me to assess your dog's behaviour and provide you with a free quotation.

My assessment includes details on how I may be able to help, advice on immediate action to take for safety or welfare reasons and the appropriate type and cost of a consultation.

Contacting me is easy. You can get in touch by email, text, phone, messenger or by clicking below.

With my knowledge and experience of working with dogs, I can guide you through the behaviour modification process and give you the support and confidence you need to make life easier again for you and your canine companions. 


Remote Consultation

I offer remote consultations to clients anywhere in the UK, which are often just as effective as working in-person.

A remote consultation costs £150-300 depending on the complexity of the issue, which may include elements such as:

  • Detailed assessment of your questionnaire;
  • Analysis of videos or photos, if required;
  • Tailored Behaviour Solutions Plan;
  • Telephone call to discuss the plan in detail;
  • 3 months support via phone and/or email.

Additional support options:

  • Additional telephone meeting (60 mins) £50;
  • Extra 3 months support £50.

Please note that a vet check or referral may be required and payment is requested in advance.

Please click below for a free initial assessment.


In-Home Consultation

My in-home consultations are offered within 25 miles of Swadlincote, Derbyshire when allowed under COVID-19 rules. 

An in-home consultation costs £150-300 plus mileage and may include elements such as:

  • Detailed assessment of the answers to your questionnaire;
  • In-home consultation and assessment (1.5-2 hours);
  • Tailored Behaviour Solutions Plan;
  • 3 months support via phone and/or email;
  • Extra 3 months support £50;
  • Follow-up meetings £50 each plus mileage.

Please note that a veterinary check-up or referral may be required beforehand and payment of my fee is requested in advance.

Please click the button below to arrange a free initial assessment and quotation.


"It's much better to have a dog who listens because they trust you rather than because they are afraid of the consequences if they do not."

'Being Kind To Dogs'

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ is a heart-warming book promoting force-free training and kindness to dogs in all aspects of life.

Encouraging dogs to listen to us begins with earning their trust and never using punishment or harsh methods. Wonderful things can be achieved when we learn how to communicate kindly and effectively.

By combining science, intuition and common sense, we can work with our dogs to resolve their behavioural issues and help them to understand how we would like them to behave in our human world.

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ provides insight into how using force-free methods is the most beneficial way to achieve long-term success and well-balanced, happy canine companion.

Please click on the cover photo to explore my book. Sally has also written 'Power Of The Purr' and 'Weird Is Wonderful', which are available on Amazon. Please leave a good review if you enjoy them. Thanks!