Sally Chamberlain

Intuitive Coaching Services

Sally works with her human clients to mentor them in developing their intuition to connect more deeply with their animals intuitively and energetically.

Animals communicate with us in many ways and they need to feel that they are being listened to in order to feel secure. Intuitive development can enhance our understanding of animals and enrich our lives in many other ways.

Sally offers coaching to aid this process and has also written a book featuring many fascinating intuitive topics. Please see below to find out more.

Intuitive Development

Developing your intuition can be exciting and intriguing but going through the process alone can sometimes seem daunting. Sally gently coaches her clients to recognise and interpret their own intuitive experiences so that they feel safe and supported.

Our intuition not only enables us to connect more deeply with animals and nature, it can also enhance our lives in many other ways, including giving us a greater sense of peace and wisdom.

Intuitive development covers a plethora of topics but the some of the most well-known ones are:

• Psychic experiences

• Intuitive decision-making

• Dreams and their interpretation

• The 'clairs' such as clairvoyance

• Empathic abilities

• Sensitivity to subtle energy

• Self-care and setting healthy boundaries

• Meditation and journalling

• Animal communication and Reiki

• Lifestyle and career changes

Our intuitive journey is as unique as we are. Sally provides coaching and support which is tailored to each of her client's own interests and inclinations. Please contact her to find out more.

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Animal Communication

Animal communication occurs in many ways and they are often more in tune with subtle energy and emotions than us humans.

Cats, dogs and horses in particular are more inclined to communicate with people in an energetic and telepathic way because they are the most domesticated but all animals recognise humans with open hearts and minds.

Sally offers her clients coaching and guidance in learning how to communicate with animals on every level from the physical to the spiritual.

She has spent many years honing her own animal communication skills and is especially intrigued and fascinated by cat behaviour and communication, something which led her to formally study the topic to a professional level.

Intuitive development often enhances our ability to communicate with animals but this is not a prerequisite. Everyone can learn to communicate with animals.

If you would like to learn more about connecting more deeply with your own animals or animals in general, please contact Sally to find out how she can help. Details about prices and the coaching process are given below.

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How Coaching Works

A simple process to connect to enhance your life through intuitive development

Initial Contact

At the initial contact stage, Sally will ask you for some information about your interests and what you would like to achieve through intuitive development. This is usually done by telephone, email or messenger.

Coaching Sessions

Once you decide that you wish to go ahead with a coaching session, Sally will organise this with you by telephone, messenger or email then request payment a few days beforehand via PayPal or online banking.

Session Prices

Sally charges £50 for the first session which lasts around around 1.5 hours including a chat about your aims. Subsequent sessions are one hour at £35 each. Her services may also be available in the Swadlincote area upon request.

'Weird Is Wonderful'

Sally has written a book called 'Weird Is Wonderful' which celebrates everything that it means to be sensitive, intuitive and empathic. It features intuitive development, meditation, spiritual awareness, the paranormal, Reiki for animals and animal communication plus much more.

She wrote it at a time shortly after the sudden loss of her father when she felt the protection and love of spiritual support surrounding her to help her cope. Sally felt compelled to share with the world all that she had learned about intuition and the spirit world throughout her life by putting it into words.

'Weird Is Wonderful' is an uplifting book that encourages readers to see the more upbeat and positive side of being sensitive and intuitive and that these are precious and there to be embraced and enhanced but it also touches on the shadow-self.

It covers many topics and is written from the heart of a compassionate Empath who now wishes to continue her work by helping individuals directly on their journey to discovering who they truly are on the deepest level and to find a sense of calm within. 

Her book is available on Amazon in most countries as a Kindle and paperback version. Please click on the cover photo to find out more. If you enjoy it, Sally would really appreciate a good review on Amazon. Thank you!