Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Cat Training & Preventive Advice

Sally offers training and preventive advice to make life easier for felines and their families when it comes to some of the most stressful tasks in life. Many cats dislike being handled and even the sweetest cat may fight tooth and claw to avoid being put into their cat carrier. Sally only uses kind, force-free methods and breaks down each task into manageable stages, starting with a training consultation. She offers this service in-person within 20 miles of Swadlincote, Derbyshire and remotely worldwide. Please scroll down for details. If you are after a few tips and tricks about cat training, please get in touch or you could visit Sally's cat behaviour page for help with resolving feline behaviour problems.


Cat training

It is a long-standing myth that cats cannot be trained - they can! All it takes is the right motivation and lots of patience and time. Some of the training Sally offers to make life easier includes:

  • Cat carrier and vet visits
  • Claw trimming and grooming
  • Oral medication
  • Eye and ear drops
  • Harness and lead training
  • Any other kind of useful training

This is not an exhaustive list and all of these can also be trained as preventive advice for kittens to give them a head start in life. Please contact Sally to find out how she can help or to book a training consultation.


Preventive advice

Preventive advice also involves training or getting a cat to get used to something such as vet visits whilst they are young, so that they are not afraid later in life. Sally's preventive advice includes:

  • Kitten socialisation and play
  • Introducing cats, kittens and dogs
  • Preparing for a new baby
  • Bringing home a new cat or kitten
  • Resources and enrichment
  • Plus many more...

A preventive advice session starts at £45 for a Zoom meeting or phone call of 30-40 minutes, for which payment is requested in advance. Please click below to find out how Sally can help.


Training consultation

A training consultation is offered to discuss the aims of the proposed training and decide on an appropriate training plan. The process usually starts with veterinary referral and includes:

  • Cat training questionnaire
  • Virtual or in-home meeting
  • Demonstration of training techniques using positive reinforcement 
  • A full written training plan
  • Discussion of further training sessions, if required

The cost of a training consultation starts at £150, which varies depending if remote or in-home. Please note that payment is requested in advance. Please click below to contact Sally to find out more and make a booking.


Cat behaviour chat

Sally offers a 'cat behaviour chat' for clients who have general questions about cat behaviour or would like some hints and tips. She either provides the answers in writing via email or offers a phone call or virtual meeting of up to 30 minutes for £45. If it seems that more in-depth advice or veterinary referral is required, she may offer a cat behaviour consultation. Please note that payment is requested at the time of booking. Please click below to find out how Sally can help.


Learn more about feline behaviour...

'Power of the Purr'

To accompany her work, Sally has written a cat behaviour book containing a wealth of information. 'Power of the Purr' covers everything cat lovers need to know about their feline companions in terms of their behaviour and keeping them happy.

She explains how to resolve some of the most common cat behaviour problems using kind, force-free methods and the theories behind these.

'Power of the Purr' is educational but also humorous and entertaining. Sally includes stories and photos of the cats she has been owned by over the years, including her current beloved feline, Monty, who is also the cover model.

Her book is available on Amazon in most countries so please click on the book cover to take a look and leave a review if you enjoy it.