Feline Behaviourist

Cat Behaviour Consultations

Sally is a Feline Behaviourist with a difference. She uses her cat behaviour detective skills to drill down into the detail of each case to come up with a uniquely tailored plan for her clients. She offers remote consultations to clients anywhere in the UK and in-person within 15 miles of Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Some of the issues she can help with include:

  • Aggressive behaviour;
  • Anxiety, nervousness, fears and phobias;
  • Cat-cat and cat-dog behaviour issues;
  • Destructive or disruptive behaviour;
  • Inappropriate toileting (house soiling);
  • Self-harming or obsessive behaviour;
  • Plus many more...

Sally only ever uses kind, force-free methods and it is her eye for the subtleties that gives her the edge when it comes to resolving feline behaviour problems. Please scroll down to find out more about Sally's consultations and visit her About page for details of her credentials.

Consultation Process

Sally's consultations are available remotely to clients anywhere in the UK and in-person within 15 miles of Swadlincote, Derbyshire. She tailors her consultations to suit the needs of each client and starts the process with an assessment. Please see below for details of her consultation process and options.


Sally carefully assesses each case by asking clients to complete an in-depth questionnaire, send her videos of their cats' behaviour and living environment and any other information that may be useful. Once assessment is complete, Sally is then able to offer her clients all of the advice and support that they need to work towards resolving the cat behaviour problems in their household. She also provides a form to enable her clients to request veterinary referral.

Advice and support

After the assessment stage, Sally puts together tailored advice and support for her clients to give them the greatest chance of success. Whether it is a remote or in-home consultation, Sally works hard to ensure that her clients feel confident and supported by tailoring her advice and support to suit their circumstances. This usually involves:

  • Virtual meeting (up to 1 hour) or in-home meeting (1-1.5 hours) to discuss the proposed plan;
  • Tailored Behaviour Modification Plan and information handout(s);
  • Three months of support via email or phone;
  • Follow-up meetings and further support, if required.

A virtual advice session is also an option for urgent advice, clients who are unsure about a consultation or minor issues not requiring veterinary referral. Please see below for details. 

Virtual advice session

Sally offers virtual advice sessions for clients in need of urgent advice or who are unsure about a consultation. A session involves a virtual meeting, followed up by written advice via email. During an advice session, Sally will take brief details of the issue, advise on immediate steps to take and provide an overview of the type of advice and support she would be able to offer in a consultation. A full consultation and veterinary referral may still be required in order to resolve the problem. Advice sessions are also intended for dealing with minor issues not requiring veterinary referral such as socialising kittens or adopting a new cat. Please see below for prices and how to contact Sally.


  • Remote consultations cost £185 each and in-home consultations cost £220 plus mileage.
  • Additional support via email costs £50 for three months.
  • Virtual follow-up meetings cost £50 (up to 45 mins).
  • In-home follow-up meetings cost £75 plus mileage (up to 60 mins).
  • Advice sessions cost £95, which includes a virtual meeting (up to 60 mins) and written advice via email.
  • Mileage is added at £0.50 per mile for in-home meetings.

Please note that payment is requested in advance and Sally's fees may be covered by some pet insurers via veterinary referral so please enquire with them about this. Please see below to find out how to contact Sally.


To get in touch with Sally, please click below to fill in her contact form and find out how she can help. She will be very happy to hear from you and give you all of the advice and support that you need to resolve the cat behaviour problems in your household.