Sally Chamberlain

Cat Behaviour Consultations

Sally is an Animal Behaviourist specialising in resolving cat behaviour problems in a kind, force-free way. She offers in-person consultations within 20 miles of Swadlincote, South Derbyshire and also remotely for less complex cases. 

Cat behaviour problems come in all shapes and sizes and Sally endeavours to help resolve as many as she can to enable cats and their humans to live a more relaxed and harmonious life together.

Please see below to find out about the consultation options available and various types of cat behaviour problem. Even if you can't see your cat's particular problem amongst these, please get in touch to find out how Sally may be able to help. Please also visit her About page for details of her credentials.

Veterinary permission or referral may be required in some cases. Pet insurers may also cover Sally's fees for cases referred to her by a vet so please enquire with them about this.

Cat Behaviour Consultation Options

General Behaviour Advice

Cats can be mysterious creatures but sometimes, a little professional advice is all that is needed to provide reassurance that your cats are happy and enjoying life.

My cat behaviour advice service is similar to a consultation but is aimed at clients who wish to learn more about cat behaviour matters in general terms such as feline communication, enrichment and ensuring that they have a feline-friendly living environment in which to thrive.

Cat behaviour advice is offered at a rate of £45 per 1.5 hour session within five miles of Swadlincote plus £0.45 per mile for clients up to 20 miles away. My advice is also available remotely at the same rate.


In-Person Consultations

My in-person consultations are offered within 20 miles of Swadlincote, Derbyshire for more specific cat behaviour problems.

They cost £120 each within five miles of Swadlincote plus £0.45 per mile charge for round trips up to 20 miles away. Follow-up meetings are £50 each plus mileage.

I send out a questionnaire via email for potential clients to fill in and return. I then provide a quotation if I feel that I am able to help and book a convenient time and date for a consultation.

Payment is requested five days in advance via online banking. Six months support via phone and email is included in the price.


Remote Consultations

Remote consultations are offered to clients who live further than 20 miles from Swadlincote and can work just as well as in-person consultations in most cases.

I send out a questionnaire for potential clients to fill in then, if I feel that I will be able to help remotely, I provide a quote and ask for payment via online banking.

I then prepare a Behaviour Modification Plan which I send via email. I might also ask a few more questions during this process.

Remote consultations cost £95 each and include a full assessment, bespoke Behaviour Modification Plan and six months support via phone and email.


Common Cat Behaviour Problems

Destructive Behaviour

If there's one thing that can cause a problem between cats and humans, it's their need to scratch. Woe betide the cat slave who fails to provide enough scratching surfaces in their home. Their carpet and furnishings are in for a rough ride! Cats may also indulge in other kinds of destructive behaviour such as chewing wires or maybe even over-grooming themselves or eating inedible items. Punishment and the notorious spray bottle won't do any good here. This problem needs to be resolved by providing the cat with more resources and enrichment and meeting their needs by offering more play sessions and a possibly a veterinary check-up.

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Inappropriate Toileting

Coming home to a puddle on the floor or treading in a rogue cat poo are not pleasant experiences. Cats toilet outside of the litter tray for a variety of reasons but quite often it's a medical problem or stress-related. They might also spray urine on vertical surfaces, which can be done by both neutered male and female cats. Once a medical problem is ruled out, their toileting facilities and resources need to be examined, along with their relationship with other cats, people and animals in the home. Punishment and aversives should be avoided because they increase stress and don't help the cat. A thorough investigation is needed for toileting issues.

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Aggressive Behaviour

Cats often display aggressive behaviour as a last resort because their warnings are not being listened to. Feline body language can be subtle and aggression may be directed at other cats, humans and animals for many reasons. The key to resolving aggression issues is to ensure their needs are being met and working towards changing their emotion below the threshold at which their aggression is triggered. This is why punishment and aversives should not be used. Going back to basics before any signs of tension occur and counter-conditioning the cat to form a new, positive association is the safest option, which should be done with the guidance of an expert.

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'Power of the Purr'

A wealth of advice is also available in Sally's cat book, 'Power of the Purr', which covers everything cat lovers need to know about their feline companions in terms of their behaviour and keeping them happy.

She explains how to resolve some of the most common cat behaviour problems using kind, force-free methods and the theories behind these.

'Power of the Purr' is educational but also humorous and entertaining. Sally includes stories and photos of the cats she has been owned by over the years, including her current beloved feline, Monty, who is also the cover model.

Her book is available on Amazon in most countries so please click on the book cover to take a look. She has also written 'Being Kind To Dogs' and 'Weird Is Wonderful'Please leave a review if you enjoy it.

If you would like some personalised help with a cat behaviour problem, please contact Sally.