Karma Paws Cat Behaviour

by Sally Chamberlain

Cat Behaviour Problems

Cat behaviour problems come in all shapes and sizes and can cause a great deal of stress for everyone in the household. Instead of trying to cope alone, please get in touch with me. I am a qualified and insured Animal Behaviourist who specialises in resolving cat behaviour problems in a kind, force-free way.

I offer in-home consultations within 15 miles of Swadlincote, Derbyshire and also remotely in the UK to help clients resolve many different cat behaviour problems including:

  • Aggressive behaviour;
  • Anxiety, nervousness, fears and phobias;
  • Cat-cat and cat-dog behaviour issues;
  • Destructive or disruptive behaviour;
  • Inappropriate toileting (house soiling);
  • Self-harming such as over-grooming;
  • Plus many more...

Please scroll down for details and visit my About page for my credentials. Payment is requested in advance and my fees may be covered by your pet insurance via veterinary referral.

Cat Behaviour Consultation Options:

Free Initial Assessment


Contacting me for a free initial assessment is the first step in the consultation process. Depending on the nature of the issue, I may send out a questionnaire to establish if a consultation would be appropriate, what may be involved and how much this will cost or suggest an 'Ask the Expert' session. Please scroll down for details or click the button below to contact me. You can also download the forms at the bottom of this page and email them to me requesting a free initial assessment.


'Ask the Expert' Session


My 'Ask the Expert' sessions are intended for issues not requiring veterinary referral such as receiving advice on minor behaviour problems like a cat scratching the sofa or guidance on matters such as bringing a new kitten home or moving house with a cat. I offer an advice call of up to 45 minutes for £50 and written email advice for £50-95. Please note that payment is requested in advance. Please click below to contact me and find out how I may be able to help.


 Cat Behaviour Consultation

Starting at £175

My cat behaviour consultations are flexible in nature and offer lots of advice and support. Prices start at £175 and include elements such as:

Remote or in-home assessment

Tailored Behaviour Modification Plan

One or more months of email support

Remote or in-home follow-up meetings

(Mileage is added for in-home options)

Veterinary referral is usually required. Please click below to contact me and request a free initial assessment.


Consultation Packages

Starting at £225

Consultation packages are offered for the most common behaviour problems and can be tailored to suit each situation. These include:

Reintroducing cats (2 cats) starting at £275

Inappropriate toileting (1 cat) starting at £225

Aggression towards humans (1 cat) starting at £225

Plus £50 per additional cat or issue and

mileage for in-home consultations.

Veterinary referral is usually required. Please click below to contact me and request a free initial assessment.


Forms to Download

Veterinary Referral

Veterinary referral is required in most cases in order to rule out medical problems or ensure that appropriate medical treatment is being provided prior to a behaviour consultation. If your cat or cats have recently had a veterinary examination in relation to their behaviour problem, a veterinary referral form can be completed and sent to me via email. If they have not yet been examined by the vet then a check-up is required, after which the vet can send the referral form. Should you wish to be prepared in advance, please download the form by clicking on the button below. In any event, I always send a form to prospective clients in my initial email and advise them about this. If you have any questions on this topic, please let me know.

Vet Referral Form


If you would like to be prepared in advance to request a free initial assessment, please feel free to download one of the questionnaires below, fill it in and email it to me along with a Veterinary Referral Form. The questionnaire is a Word document so please fill in as much detail as possible, 'save as' and email it to me as an attachment. Please see above for details of my free initial assessment process and click on one of the options below to the download the appropriate questionnaire. I can then assess it to let you know how I may be able to help you resolve the cat behaviour problems in your household and provide a free quotation.

Multi-cat Questionnaire

One-cat Questionnaire