Clinical Animal Behaviourist

'Power of the Purr'

To accompany her work, Sally has written a cat behaviour book containing a wealth of information. 'Power of the Purr' covers everything cat lovers need to know about their feline companions in terms of their behaviour and keeping them happy.

She explains how to resolve some of the most common cat behaviour problems using kind, force-free methods and the theories behind these.

'Power of the Purr' is educational but also humorous and entertaining. Sally includes stories and photos of the cats she has been owned by over the years, including her current beloved feline, Monty, who is also the cover model.

Her book is available on Amazon in most countries so please click on the book cover to take a look and leave a review if you enjoy it.

'Weird Is Wonderful'

Sally wrote her book, 'Weird Is Wonderful' to celebrate everything that it means to be sensitive, intuitive and empathic.

It features intuitive development, spirituality, the paranormal, Reiki for animals and animal communication plus many other topics.

Sally wanted to share with the world everything that she had learned so far about intuition, the spirit world and working with animals.

'Weird Is Wonderful' is an uplifting book that encourages readers to explore the more intriguing and fascinating aspects of being intuitive and how to connect with animals more deeply.

Please click on the cover photo to find out more and view Sally's book on Amazon. Please leave a good review if you enjoy it. Thank you!

'Being Kind to Dogs'

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ is a heart-warming and enlightening book promoting kindness to dogs in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to training. Kindness should always be paramount. Love and trust are built on kindness and once firm foundations are established, a beautiful relationship can flourish.

Encouraging our dogs to listen to us begins with earning their trust to form a strong bond. Wonderful things can be achieved when we learn how to communicate with our dogs in a loving and humane way that they understand.

By combining science, intuition and common sense, we can work with our dogs to resolve their behavioural issues and help them to understand how we would like them to behave in our human world.

‘Being Kind To Dogs’ provides insight into how using only kind, force-free methods in dog training and behaviour modification is the most beneficial way to achieve long-term success and well-balanced, happy canine companion. Please click on the book cover to find out more.