Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Animal Communication

Animals communicate in many ways, from the physical to the subtle-energetic. Much of what they are trying to tell us can be missed by us human beings. I have always had a natural affinity with animals and my communication abilities have increased over the years, especially when I became attuned to Reiki.

Whether or not I am directly in their presence, the energetic communication of animals seems to reach me and we form a connection that is hard to describe. I offer animal communication sessions over a distance and it also often spontaneously occurs during Reiki for Animals.

A distant animal communication is £35 per session, per animal, remotely in the UK via email. Distant animal communication often works better because there are fewer distractions and it is easier to focus on the intuitive information being received.

I request a photograph of the animal, living or in spirit, and between 3-5 questions that you wish to ask. I also often have a lot of other information to pass on to an animal's human family during a session. I carry out the session within seven days of receiving the photograph then send a written report about what I received.

Please note that animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary treatment or behaviour therapy but can give you an insight into what an animal may be feeling or thinking. Please click below to get in touch with me.

Lost Pets - Please note that I do not offer a service to locate lost pets. If the results are inconclusive, it can be upsetting for all concerned.