Animal Communication

I offer animal communication by using a photograph to form an energetic connection over a distance. 

Animal communication also often occurs spontaneously during an Animal Reiki session.

Less is often more when it comes to communicating with animals. They can say so much, simply with a blink of their eyes, nudge of their nose or gentle pulse of energy.

All animals are sensitive and intuitive and I feel a deeply spiritual connection with them, especially cats, dogs and horses.

Animal Communication Prices

£25 per session, per animal, anywhere in the world via email or Messenger.

Distant animal communication works better for me because there are fewer distractions and it is easier to focus on the intuitive information being received.

I request a photograph of the animal via email or messenger and between 3-5 questions that you wish to ask your animal. I also often have a lot of other information to pass on to an animal's human family during a session.

I carry out the session within seven days of receiving the photograph of your animal then send a report explaining what I received in a kind and compassionate way.

My services also include Reiki for animals and cat behaviour therapy, which provide an excellent complement to animal communication.

If you would like to book an animal communication session or to find out more, please click on the 'Contact' button below.

Payment is accepted via PayPal or online banking for my animal communication services.

Missing pets - please note that I do not offer a service to locate missing pets. This can be very upsetting for everyone if the results are inconclusive or if it isn't good news. Thank you.